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This is a fantastic time to lead global change.

Business leaders and investors dedicated to doing business differently are rapidly gaining market support in all asset classes, sectors, and geographies. Thirty to forty trillion US dollars will enter the Impact Market in the coming decades.

Doing good for society and the environment is good for business.

New financial tools are emerging. Young entrepreneurs are ready to think and act for the long run. And we are seeing a new mindset that couples profits to ethics and shared values.

But: This is new frontier. Taking solutions to scale is tough. It’s still unclear how to measure impact. And it‘s difficult to leverage existing systems into a clear path that helps people live better, safer, more prosperous lives.

If you are a triple bottom line company, a social enterprise, development agency, benefit corp, or impact investor, I’ve worked beside you. I sat next to you in Haiti and at conferences around the world. Our conversations ranged from safe water for everyone, to food security, better homes, and disaster prevention in cities.

The most important thing I learned from you is:
Massive impact requires better problems.

I created Problem Wisdom’s signature curriculum, Problem-First Thinking, as a formidable edge that supports your process upstream, from the beginning.

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